Sunday, March 25, 2007

Show me a garden bursting into life

My 3-year-old son always loved music, especially from his children's CDs and videos, but he never seemed interested in pop-rock songs I listen to on the radio (we do a lot of driving together). The other day he surprised me by protesting with a loud grunt when I changed the dial from a station that was playing the ballad "Chasing Cars", by the Irish band Snow Patrol (see video below). I switched back to that song and he was all happy again. He'd heard that song in the car with me probably about 5 times in several months, but it was enough to make an impression on him. He seems to like atmospheric, melancholic melodies. When we got home, I downloaded the song in iTunes and played it loud from the computer. He came running and smiling from the other side of our house, as soon as he heard the first chords. And started dancing and jumping on the bed. When the song was over, he said to me: "Wanna play it again?"